Veneers and The Woodstock Dentist

Woodstock Dentist, Kennesaw VeneersVeneers are an important tool to helpĀ dentists with augmenting teeth. A dental veneer is a dental porcelain laminate over the tooth. Basically, it is used to protect the tooth surface from damages or to improve the aesthetics of the tooth. The veneer was invented in 1928 by Charles Pincus a California Dentist. Veneers serves as a cosmetic treatment for the worn, chipped, discolored, or misaligned tooth. Veneer is used to cover the gap in between the teeth and it is also used to make an appropriate shape for the oversized or undersized tooth.

Two types of Dental Veneers

Resin-based composite Veneers

These are placed in a single consultation. After the tooth is getting ready or reshaped, the dentist carefully curved the composite element in a color that match with the rest of the teeth. To harden the compound, a special light is used. Then the veneer needs to be polished to look like the natural tooth.

Ceramic Veneers

These Veneers are made of a strong and stable dental ceramic(which is called laminate as well). They are extremely very thin. The dentist dispels a little amount of enamel enclosure of the tooth. This makes a place for the veneer.

Then the dentist makes a mark of the prepared tooth so that the shape of the new tooth and the surrounding teeth can be replicated in the dental lab. This process may need several days.

At the next appointment, our dentist places the veneer on the teeth to check the shape and match. After the adjustment, the tooth is cleaned and then the dental cement is used to germinate the ceramic veneer with the teeth. A highly technical skill is required for cementation of a Veneer. If there are any further adjustments needed, that may be done at the next appointment.

Veneers can provide advantage to the followings

  • Cracked Tooth
  • Curved Tooth
  • Chipped Tooth
  • Spaced Tooth
  • Discolored Tooth
  • Shapeless Tooth

In addition to a cosmetic dentistry procedure, veneers also can protect the surface of a damaged tooth.

Woodstock Dentist, Veneers Canton, Veneers WoodstockPreparation of Veneer

The PLV (Porcelain Laminated Veneer) needs the followings during the preparation stage:

  • Providing proper thickness for the structural unity of the PLV
  • Providing optimal cleansing to the revoking dentition
  • Accommodating place to the morphology
  • Extraction of decay

Get your smile back

No special care is needed after the having the dental veneer. Brush your teeth twice a day and clean between your teeth once a day with floss or any inter-dental cleaner. Make sure to regularly schedule your visits your dentist and get your smile back that once you had.

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