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Just like any other parts of your body, your teeth needs attention and care, however, this seems to be taken for granted by a lot of people. Prophylaxis aka Dental Cleaning is the process of cleaning your teeth by a dental hygienist or a dentist. Regular check with dental cleaning prevents periodontal diseases as well gingivitis. It is an excellent procedure by your dentist to keep oral cavity in good condition. Without regular dental cleaning, progression of gum disease are less likely to happen.

Benefits of getting your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Woodstock Dentist, Woodstock Teeth CleaningDental cleaning removes tartar

Tartars you see around you teeth causes bad breath and periodontal diseases if not treated in a timely manner. These plaques buildup can never be removed by dental flossing or frequent brushing. There is a need to go to your dentist to have these tartars removed because they have special tools to remove it.

Aesthetic benefit

Having your teeth cleaned regularly can prevent teeth staining especially if you are a smoker and/or a tea or coffee lover.  So, if you want to brighten your smile, have it cleaned twice a year.

Prevents halitosis

To some, there’s nothing more unpleasant that having a bad breath. It’s a total turnoff.  People are also more prone to stinking breath when they are fond of eating onions, garlic and some types of spices. To avoid this, have your dental check up every six months.

It will boost your confidence and overall health

When you have healthy gums and teeth, you’ll feel more confident about yourself. Studies have also shown that there’s a connection between oral hygiene and overall health. It was found to lower the risks of having dementia, stroke and heart diseases.

Cheaper than having a Tooth pulled

Just imagine how much money you’d spend if you suffer from a gum disease or other problem due to poor oral hygiene. Our cleanings will not only keep your mouth healthy, give you a great smile, but give you a better chance of keeping your teeth!

Dental cleaning is an essential part of your personal hygiene. Don’t take it for granted. It’s not painful if you go to an experienced dental hygienist. Fortunately, Woodstock Dentist can help you with any oral health problems you may be suffering right now.

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