Preventative Maintenance with The Woodstock Dentist

Preventive Maintenance

Roswell, Canton, Woodstock DentistWe offer preventive maintenance to keep you and your teeth in the best dental health possible. Our Preventive Maintenance procedures will help you keep your teeth in great condition and have a beautiful smile! This maintenance is designed to help prevent major issues from occurring, which can result in expensive procedures or the loss of teeth. One of our very common dental preventive procedures is the use of sealant, which can help to prevent teeth decay. Give us a call at 770 285-1155 to find out more about our Dental Exams, Dental Cleaning and Preventative maintenance.

Different Procedures

There are several aspects to our preventative maintenance procedures to keep your smile and teeth shining brightly! While it is always encouraged to brush and floss several times a day, there are a few things only The Woodstock Dentist can help you with.  Your smile and lifestyle might depend upon your teeth. When it comes to a dental issue we believe that prevention is better than having to cure a problem, so we encourage everyone to come in for a regular checkup.

Reasons for preventive maintenance

It is necessary to maintain a routine to keep your teeth in good condition and diagnose any kind of oral disorder at the early or preliminary stages.
Here are some of the benefits of our of preventive maintenance


It is difficult to have a smile with the stained teeth. A regular appointment with the Woodstock Dentist for preventive maintenance can bring back your smile to its previous glory.

Fresher breath

Generally bad breath is caused by a combination of rotting food fragment beneath the gum line. The removal of plaque, tartar and bacteria can improve fresher breath and reduce irritation.

Tartar removal

Untreated tartar and plaque on both above and below the gum line can cause serious oral problems. These areas are hard to get to, and tartar may even still remain even after using the best latest home-care brushing and flossing techniques. An expert Dentist or dental hygienist can help find and remove that tarter from above and below the gum line.

In our Preventative Maintenance check ups we will also talk about:

  • Root Planning
  • Medications
  • X-rays and Examinations
  • Supragingival Cleaning
  • Subgingival Cleaning

The Woodstock Dentist is here to help you with all of your Dental solutions,
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