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Dental Exams with The Woodstock Dentist

What to expect during a Dental Exam

Woodstock DentistDuring a dental exam, we will check for the cavities, teeth and gum diseases, evaluate filling, crowns, and bridges if you had earlier. Sometimes our Dentists might check your face, neck and mouth to ensure that there is no more inconsistency for things that might effect your jaw. During a dental exam the Dentist will go over with you about your oral hygiene, habit, diet even there might be a demonstration on proper teeth brushing or flossing techniques. Sometimes our negligence about the dental issues may lead to other problems like diabetes, tooth loss, and dry mouth diseases.

  • Check on overall Health and Oral Hygiene
  • Evaluate Teeth and Roots, while looking into Gum and Bone decay.
  • Make sure all tooth are in good shape and do not need replacement
  • Evaluate Jaw and Bite for problems
  • Remove Stains or Deposits from teeth
  • Check Fluoride needs
  • Take X-rays or if necessary do other diagnostic proceedures

You only have 1 set of teeth:

We do not suggest that you skip your regular dental exam or checkup. Regular brushing and flossing your teeth are not enough to keep your teeth in transcendent shape. The spacing of your dental checkup can result in a serious oral problem later and the treatment might be more costly. This might not only be financially but, with loss of teeth, and we know you do not want that.

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