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Woodstock Dentist, Woodstock Teeth Cleaning, Crowns and BridgesCrowns and Bridges are fixed into your mouth on a permanent basis to help for several different reasons. Crowns are basically a “Cap” the surrounds your tooth to make the tooth stronger, as well as to restore shape, size and appearance. A Bridge is caps on 2 teeth that are on each side of a missing tooth. Then we insert a false tooth to literally “Bridge” the gap of the missing tooth/teeth.  Crown and Bridges are permanent and do not come out like dentures, sometime these are also made out of porcelain or ceramic to help with color matching. The goal of Dental Crowns and Bridges are to recover the natural smile as well as prevent any other kind of oral issue.

Crowns with Woodstock Dentist:

Dental Crown is used to cover the damaged tooth as well as strengthen and protect the tooth shape. Above these Crowns can improve the tooth’s appearance and alignment as well. A Crown can also be placed on top of the implant to give a tooth-like shape. There are some professionals like The Woodstock Dentist who can help you to regain your smile that once you had!

We make the Bridges so authentic:    

Dental bridges covers the gap that was left by the missing tooth. Our  Dentists might suggest you to get a bridge on the place that missing tooth occupied before, and protect the good tooth from moving out. After putting in the bridge it will work like a natural tooth. Dental bridges also tightens the teeth that lead to a good bite.

There are three types of Dental Bridge…

  • Fixed Bridge is most popular that is attached to two Crowns which completely fit with the existing teeth and hold the Bridge within the place.
  • Maryland Bridge is usually used to fill the gap left by the front missing tooth. It is made of a filler that is attached to the metal band and the metal band bonded to the abutment teeth. (The abutment teeth are the anchor teeth on either side)
  • Cantilever Bridge is mostly used when there are teeth are only on one side of the span.

Benefit of Crowns and Bridges:

The benefits of Crowns and Bridges are to strengthening a damaged or broken tooth and cover the gap that was left by the missing tooth. It will improve your tooth’s appearance along with shape, alignment and even bite. The gap in between the teeth can be harmful to the remaining teeth. We will also take and exact mold of teeth so that it will be identical to your other teeth.  When the permanent Crown or Bridge is ready we will take out the temporary one, so that the new Crown and/or Bridge will match the color of your other teeth.

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